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All StrataSearch testimonials are 100% unsolicited. We have never asked users to contribute positive comments. Instead, these are some of the many comments we regularly receive regarding our users' impressions of StrataSearch.

Note: We have not asked permission to publish the majority of these comments, but have instead limited the names to protect the privacy of our users. Nevertheless, if one of your comments is listed here and you would like it removed for any reason, please let us know and we will happily do so.

I like this program more and more!
A.H., E-mail, 6/28/2011

StrataSearch is a great program.
S.J., E-mail, 6/1/2011

I remain as impressed as ever by StrataSearch.
J.D., E-mail, 4/26/2011

Pete - you rock. You guys must be the best and most responsive service I've ever worked with.
k...a, Forum, 3/27/2011

I think your product is very well written and is a super cool idea.
C.S., E-mail, 3/12/2011

I think StrataSearch is an amazing tool.
B.M., E-mail, 3/11/2011

I really have to say this is quite impressive.
C.S., E-mail, 2/22/2011

Thank you for allowing me to use such an excellent service -- I have recommended it to other people. It worked flawlessly and I can easily see the power of your programming.
R.C., E-mail, 2/15/2011

I like your program very much.
F.F., E-mail, 1/9/2011

StrataSearch rocks!! :) Really impressed by the software!
A.S., E-mail, 12/14/2010

Again incredible support! Thanks!
D.S., E-mail, 12/6/2010

Having the software has been a great thing for me, and I have been talking it up on other boards and with other traders that I know.
K.M., E-mail, 12/1/2010

StrataSearch is capable of building very good systems. Sometimes I think the user has more limitations that the program itself.
D.S., E-mail, 11/17/2010

As always fast answer and great support from you!
D.C., E-mail, 11/13/2010

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate your organization on an excellent product. I have tried many and this is by far the best system I have used and the substantial increase in the profitability of my trading since using this product has been amazing. I will recommend StrataSearch to anyone who is serious about trading. Clearly in my opinion StrataSearch is an excellent investment.
H.M., E-mail, 11/8/2010

As always, thanks for your quick responses. Your support is terrific.
S.M., E-mail, 10/30/2010

StrataSearch has worked beautifully, as always.
G.E., E-mail, 10/29/2010

By the way, very interesting program you have here. Organized very well.
R.D., E-mail, 9/6/2010

Great job on creating such a powerful product.
B.R., E-mail, 9/5/2010

I feel StrataSearch is an excellent product.
D.D., E-mail, 9/4/2010

I am very happy to use StrataSearch.
B.H., E-mail, 7/29/2010

StrataSearch access from 2 machines working perfectly -- what lovely toys I now have!
R.C., E-mail, 7/20/2010

Thanks, overall this is pretty cool software.
M.N., E-mail, 7/11/2010

I have used your product for a few weeks now. Quite impressive!
T.T., E-mail, 7/10/2010

I appreciate the terrific program and the responsive support.
S.M., E-mail, 6/18/2010

I sold all of my bear funds on Thursday and Friday. Your software did a great job.
K.C., E-mail, 5/10/2010

StrataSearch has incredible potentional of which I am only scratching the top of the iceberg so far.
D.S., E-mail, 5/6/2010

I discover more and more what StrataSearch can do, and also at an incredible speed.
D.S., E-mail, 4/26/2010

StrataSearch is extremely useful for strategy and portfolio testing. Thanks for creating such a powerful tool.
S.D., E-mail, 4/19/2010

Terrific software...
S.M., E-mail, 4/18/2010

You guys are awesome!!
M.D., E-mail, 4/15/2010

I am enjoying the program and would like to install a copy on my laptop...
N.C., E-mail, 4/14/2010

Love the product, by the way. Only an evaluation user right now but will definitely sign up for the paid version in the next couple of days.
G.L., E-mail, 4/5/2010

I am a satisfed customer of yours and would like to buy an additional license.
G.E., E-mail, 3/31/2010

This has tremendous potential. Even the sample that's running looks great.
J.L.,E-mail, 3/26/2010

I am using StrataSearch since one year and I am very convinced by your product.
J.C., E-mail, 3/20/2010

I'm loving it! This program gets better every day...
A.F., E-mail, 3/15/2010

The product continues to shine. Keep up the good work.
G.A., E-mail, 2/27/2010

It's almost scary how accurate some of these buy signals are working out. I am still learning the system and running setups, but am very impressed so far.
D.D., E-mail, 2/23/2010

You guys are terrific. Just keep on truckin!
A.F., E-mail, 2/5/2010

Great information. As always, thank you for your help.
D.N., E-mail, 1/27/2010

You have some awesome resources that were really helpful in my research.
K.K., E-mail, 1/22/2010

The system appears to be rock-solid... I'm interested at this point to purchase my 3rd personal license of StrataSearch.
S.J., E-mail, 1/18/2010

Because of the way I use the excellent StrataSearch, I use it only occasionally.
S.D., E-mail, 1/12/2010

I am impressed by StrataSearch's capabilities - especially the tools provided to minimize curve fitting.
N.M., E-mail, 1/11/2010

Absolutely amazing so far.
A.Q., E-mail, 12/11/2009

Your product looks like it will meet my needs... impressive.
D.N., E-mail, 12/4/2009, 12/9/2009

The program is quite cool...
A.T., E-mail, 12/1/2009

Your answer is perfect, as usual, Thanks much.
A.E., E-mail, 11/29/2009

Sure I know that the Holy Grail does not exist, but I think your program can be the way for investing or predicting markets very, very well.
C., E-mail, 11/21/2009

I am pleased with StrataSearch...
T.S., E-mail, 11/20/2009

Thanks for your patience. I will become a StrataSearch customer.
D.E., E-mail, 11/13/2009

I must confess that I'm VERY impressed by your product StrataSearch.
J.W., E-mail, 11/6/2009

I am a long time follower of your software, and having tried the tool about 2 years ago I was very impressed.
O,K., E-mail, 11/3/2009

I think your software is an excellent tool. The ability to optimize multiple parameters on the buy and sell side certainly provide a greater degree of confidence with a trade set-up than otherwise possible with a one dimensional trade with MACD or Stochastics.
K.C., E-mail, 11/3/2009

StrataSearch seems to have most or all of the features, or ways of developing them, that I can imagine needing and it is easy to use. Combine that with the main focus, automation, as well a the good pricing, and it looks like StrataSearch has locked in a real sweet spot in the universe of trading strategy development and execution.
D.L., E-mail, 10/24/2009

I am currently using the trial version... this looks to be a very powerful analysis tool...
S.M., E-mail, 10/21/2009

Great software by the way. The more I use it, the more I like it.
P.I., E-mail, 10/21/2009

In the case of rotational trading, now that I look at both, your Ranking is FAR more powerful...
A.N., E-mail, 9/13/2009

I have been looking at StrataSearch over the last few days and it looks like a lot of fun ? if one likes this sort of thing ? which I do.
P.S., E-mail, 9/1/2009

Thanks for your time & continued support of your great product.
t...m, Forum, 8/29/2009

StrataSearch has really helped me find some great trading systems. This is just the type of software traders need to beat the market these days. What a great product.
M.R., E-mail, 8/5/2009

I truly believe you have made a great product and appreciate your attention to detail! ... I think StrataSearch is FANTASTIC!
A.R., E-mail, 7/31/2009-8/7/2009

Thanks for the suggestions... very valuable and I am impressed with the level of support available from you.
S.K., E-mail, 7/6/2009

I am a Spanish user and as far as I have seen in the demo version, this software is really impressive. I will go on testing it for the next few weeks and perhaps purchase a license at the end of the month.
C.P., E-mail, 7/6/2009

I've been trialing StrataSearch and like what I've seen so far.
P.E., E-mail, 6/21/2009

Your FAST answer allowed me to think constructively rather than be stonewalled. ... Anyway, it looks like I am now on my way to being able to work through the rest of your wonderful program.
J.G., E-mail, 6/13/2009

It seems to work beautifully ... Thanks again for your help on the code.
K.D., E-mail, 6/4/2009

M.D., E-mail, 6/2/2009

Thanks again for a great product and rapid tech support.
G.A., E-mail, 5/29/2009

StrataSearch is really a neat toolbox.
T.H., E-mail, 5/29/2009

I am still loving StrataSearch. It's great!
B.M., E-mail, 5/28/2009

Just wanted to let you know that I just bought a licence of StrataSearch. Of course I like the software, but besides that I think you give excellent support. You don?t see that a lot anymore.
D.S., E-mail, 5/25/2009

I appreciate your forum postings and e-mail responses. They are useful and ethical because you suggest solutions that I know work while not trying to lead customers into a position of dependency in order to upsell additional services.
T.H., E-mail, 5/21/2009

Thanks and very happy about your support.
H.L., E-mail, 4/30/2009

Very impressed and planning on purchasing... Keep up the good work!!
d...d, Forum, 4/27/2009

I am having fun exploring StrataSearch. It is amazing.
B.M., E-mail, 4/13/2009

With what the program has to offer I am quite impressed. The user friendliness is also quite appealing.
J.P., E-mail, 4/8/2009

Thanks - still a huge StrataSearch fan! I show this program to all my buddies.
B.M., E-mail, 4/7/2009

What impresses me most, however, is you: Your patience and cool and sheer intelligence under a lot of tough ... questions; I figure anybody with your qualities has to write a good program.
D.P., E-mail, 3/31/2009

I'm blown away by your prompt, thorough response. You are an excellent communicator. I own and have examined a number of trading systems... and your videos and manual are the most comprehensive and clearly written materials that I have encountered in this field... Terrific work.
J.M., E-mail, 3/22/2009

I am really looking forward to many days of running systems on StrataSearch. As I said before, this is a very cool toy.
B.M., E-mail, 3/21/2009

You have an excellent product...
A.K., E-mail, 3/6/2009

StrataSearch is opening many new ideas and directions for me. I enjoy the program because it takes over the mundane tasks and lets me concentrate on the "big picture".
T.H., E-mail, 3/6/2009

It IS a very impressive piece of work. Congratulations, and at such a reasonable price!
L.P., E-mail, 3/3/2009

I am very impressed with StrataSearch. I have sent you some questions on the support forum, and wow do you answer fast.
B., E-mail, 2/24/2009

I wish I had your brains, and the 789 billion dollars from the bailout.
F.D., E-mail, 2/12/2009

Thanks a million for your kind and thorough e-mail concerning my last questions.
G.E., E-mail, 2/8/2009

BTW, I'm getting some pretty teriffic results trading Long & Short ETFs.
T.H., E-mail, 1/29/2009

I love StrataSearch so far...
M.D., E-mail, 1/28/2009

I'm very impressed with Stratasearch so far, and in the process to understand more and more of its capabilities.
L.B., E-mail, 1/28/2009

I really like what you've done with StrataSearch and its abilities just stimulate my "trading imagination". My mind is racing forward with all sorts of new ideas that I can now explore. Good Stuff!
T.H., E-mail, 1/28/2009

By the way, your responsiveness and attitude is just wonderful. Thanks. You are a gentleman, a scholar and a fine judge of race horses.
K.R., E-mail, 1/23/2009

I want to say as a programmer I am just blown away by what this program does. This is an amazing bit of code. In case no one has said it, I am so happy someone wrote it, because it is just what I think I am looking for. I know when I was writing code a lot of people could not appreciate how much hard work it is. So give yourself a pat on the back. You have another fan.
c...f, Forum, 1/22/2009

This thing is powerful. I can think of soooo many things to try with it. I'll be busy for months (years?) to come!
T.H., E-mail, 1/20/2009

May I say thank you once again for this software masterpiece and your brilliant advice.
G.E., E-mail, 1/16/2009

The reports look excellent... versatile data formats and a nice job of programming. Super!
T.H., E-mail, 1/14/2009

Thank you very much once again for your agile and enlightening response.... let me say that StrataSearch is a sound approach to system development, but the quality of its support has convinced me that buying new licenses is really worthwhile.
G.E., E-mail, 1/14/2009

I just discovered your excellent tool. Congratulations for this outstanding product.
J.C., E-mail, 1/13/2009

I don?t remember if I have thanked you lately for your dedication. I am continually impressed by your dedication in tracking down all the issues.
J.G., E-mail, 1/7/2009

As someone in the forums said, I?m feeling a bit like a mad scientist running all kinds of searches now that I?ve gotten the product set up right? And loving it?
H.S., E-mail, 1/5/2009

Wow! Talk about a quick reply. Do you ever sleep?
S.H., E-mail, 1/2/2009

Continued thanks for your hard work and dillience?
H.S., E-mail, 1/1/2009

I really like this program.
J.W., E-mail, 12/24/2008

I have been using StrataSearch intensively over a year on a number of machines and as a result have had a number of questions and suggestions.?In addition I took an active role as a beta tester in version 4.?I have to rate the responsiveness of [Avarin] in general and Pete in particular to be outstanding.?StrataSearch is a very broad, highly customizable tool built for performance. As such it is virtually impossible for the program to operate flawlessly. Whenever I have run into an issue response has been quick. I applaud the breadth and flexibility of the StrataSearch effort. Beyond this, I have felt all suggestions were considered, prioritized appropriately given real world constraints and acted upon promptly in the best interest of the user.?Yes I know I am a big fan of Pete and the team. But to be clear, they have earned this with their diligence.
j...g, Forum, 12/4/2008

StrataSearch is a super product.
c...r, Forum, 11/13/2008

Let me begin by saying that the new StrataSearch 4.0 is just fantastic. You've done a wonderful job!
S.J., E-mail, 9/26/2008

It was your honest answers to me that moved me to buy StrataSearch.
F.D., E-mail, 9/24/2008

I wanted to let you know that your attention to issues is just outstanding. ?Most would just accumulate various issues during a beta test period, and send out a new build every week or every other week. ?The issues I discovered were not critical, but I do appreciate that you spent the time to resolve things so quickly.
B.C., E-mail, 8/28/2008

I never cease to be amazed at the breadth of functionality within StrataSearch.
j...g, Forum, 8/18/2008

Wow. I really only bought this for the Strategy Search feature and I only now know what it is and how to use it. Amazing and awesome.
A.S., E-mail, 8/2/2008

You have both a great product and great service. Keep up the good work.
m...d, Forum, 7/23/2008

StrataSearch is my favorite back testing program... by far.
t...e, Forum, 7/7/2008

I've seen enough of this program to be completely impressed, and I look forward to being part of the forum. The most impressive thing, however, is that this program is NOT a toy like so many "stock picking" programs are. Programs like StockPicker RT, Stock-Signal-Pro, and the like, are the creation of one man's strategic ideas on trading and program coding. StrataSearch pushes nothing on the retail investor... it just allows the forming of independent back tested strategies, and allows people to choose for themselves what to use. Great work, and thanks again.
B., E-mail, 6/9/2008

Thanks for your excellent support through this craziness.
N.F., E-mail, 5/15/2008

You certainly have done a great job of assembling a software package to do lots of my work for me.
j...a, Forum, 3/26/2008

One of the reasons AmiBroker is so well received is because the owner is hands-on and responsive. I can say the same for Pete and Steve at StrataSearch.
A.F., E-mail, E-mail, 3/25/2008

I've been pushing the system to its limits in the last few days and I am absolutely amazed at what it can do. After all the time I've been using it, I'm even getting more impressed by the day.
K.D., E-mail, 3/19/2008

Hands down, you ... offer the best customer support.
S., E-mail, 3/18/2008

I love the program.
T., E-mail, 2/21/2008

Thanks again -beautiful piece of work this app.
d...p, Forum, 2/14/2008

Terrific support as always.
S., E-mail, 2/11/2008

I am a huge fan of StrataSearch and think its the best software on the market.
t...e, Forum, 12/25/2007

As always, you are so very responsive to your customers.
L.P., E-mail, 12/24/2007

StrataSearch is a powerful research tool that thoroughly tests ideas whilst freeing one to pursue other interests.
J.D., E-mail, 12/17/2007

I think the bedrock truth is that there are many, many more people that could really use StrataSearch than currently know about it.
g...k, Forum, 11/15/2007

StrataSearch is impressive and may well be our game's version of a very strong chess computer. Thanks for all the great work.
J., E-mail, 11/14/2007

StrataSearch listens more than most trading software suppliers I have ever come across.
b...3, Forum, 11/14/2007

Overall, I am impressed with what this program attempts to do. It is a technical analyst's dream, to say the least. Very fine work!
B., E-mail, 10/10/2007

You?ve done a great job of programming an exhaustive brute-force search of trading strategies. Likewise, the out-of-sample testing tools are robust.
i...e, Forum, 9/25/2007

Make sure you keep me on the mailing list for any upgrades to StrataSearch. I'm a happy StrataSearch user.
M.O., E-mail, 9/23/2007

I just purchased StrataSearch. This is remarkable software and your tech support is second to none. Thank you for all your help.
A.E., E-mail, 9/21/2007

This is a great product Pete.
M.R., E-mail, 9/12/2007

I applaud that SS gives the option of retaining multiple iterations, and I would add that creative ways of filtering, sorting and mining such sets are very useful to have.
g...k, Forum, 9/11/2007

Thank you for all your help. This is the best technical support I've ever seen.
A.E., E-mail, 9/1/2007

I predominantly run AutoSearches in StrataSearch and find it an invaluable trading tool. StrataSearch enables me to escape my belief system and come up with "systems" and rules which I would have never developed on my own. Previous to StrataSearch, I simply followed the conventional wisdom regarding indicators. I can only tell you that in several cases, doing the exact opposite of what I was doing was the prudent (profitable) method of trading.
c...e, Forum, 8/23/2007

You guys are good!
P.S., E-mail, 8/13/2007

Many, many thanks for your help and patience ? Please accept my sincere thanks ... Long live STRATASEARCH.
B.T., E-mail, 8/9/2007

I appreciate your efforts so much and thank you for your work above and beyond.
L.P., E-mail, 8/4/2007

StrataSearch has been immensely helpful...
t...e, Forum, 7/22/2007

Great piece of software. Keep up the good work.
j...d, Forum, 7/19/2007

I am very impressed with the end of day scanning capabilities of StrataSearch.
D.B., E-mail, 7/19/2007

What a great set of new features! ... The new way WFAs can be generated as OCSs with auto-magically created underlying AutoSearches and Rules ROCKS!
g...k, Forum, 7/18/2007

I'm doing some phenomenal things with the Screener ... The sector analysis is a phenomenal advantage of the program - That type of analysis is absolutely impossible in MetaStock - Just an FYI- I never cease to be impressed.
K.D., E-mail, 6/6/2007

Thanks again for your time and kudos on a fantastic and exciting piece of software!
A.R., E-mail, 5/26/2007

I'm happy to have such great support.
W.K., E-mail, 5/10/2007

I have spent many hours reading from your forum and have to say how impressed I am with the technical support level and the depth to which you ... will go to be sure you answer questions about StrataSearch.
B.H., E-mail, 4/21/2007

SS's support has always been first class - always.
b...j, Forum, 4/9/2007

[What I am doing] is a great competitive advantage for SS3 which I haven't seen elsewhere.
K.D., E-mail, 3/29/2007

Thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service.
D.S., E-mail, 3/16/2007

Dam, you guys are good!!!!!!!!
t...e, Forum, 3/8/2007

Thanks ... StrataSearch support exemplary, as usual.
b...j, Forum, 2/27/2007

Your program is excellent. I am very pleasantly surprised with StrataSearch. As I mentioned before, I was expecting a turbo'ed version of OmniTrader at best. As you may guess, I enjoy checking out software, and you knocked the cover off the ball.
A.N., E-mail, 12/31/2006

I really like the program. You guys do some fantastic work.
T.H., E-mail, 10/15/2006

Your program is absolutely fantastic.
A.B., E-mail, 9/27/2006

Your software is very impressive.
J.F., E-mail, 9/25/2006

This is some impressive software and I am impressed with the functionality.
J.S., E-mail, 9/23/2006

First off, let me say this is one IMPRESSIVE piece of software. I have been an investor since 1984, so I have seen pretty much everything that has come down the pike... You guys ought to go into the investment software Hall of Fame.
J.R., E-mail, 9/2/2006

Thank you again for a very outstanding achievement.
D., E-mail, 9/1/2006

THERE is NO other software that even comes close to StrataSearch.
M.J., E-mail, 8/30/2006

Compliments on great support.
b...j, Forum, 8/14/2006

StrataSearch is an innovative and useful program for an active trader.
S.K., E-mail, 6/23/2006

Your honesty with regard to realistic returns is very nice. Thank you.
E.T., E-mail, 5/26/2006

Impressive power and capabilities.
D.M., E-mail, 4/30/2006

Many thanks for the first class support.
d...w, Forum, 4/26/2006

I'm a software developer myself, and I do respect the way StrataSearch has been organized. Very well thought. Highly intelligent design. I know how much work that requires. I sincerely congratulate you all for a super-duper product.
S., E-mail, 1/24/2006

I'm getting great use out of StrataSearch and loving it ... the program is unbelievable.
K.D., E-mail, 1/11/2006

Many thanks to the A1 support team.
A.F., E-mail, 11/20/2005

I think [the price] is quite a bargain for software this sophisticated.
M.J., E-mail, 6/8/2005

Thank you very much for your excellent technical support...
Z., E-mail, 5/21/2005

It appears you have a very creative software package.
J.C., E-mail, 4/12/2005

Thanks for the great work you guys have done.
j...a, Old Forum, 3/28/2005

I am impressed with the software and am enjoying learning how to use it ... still can't believe how fast StrataSearch evaluates these strategies ...your software is outstanding and the support you two guys provide is excellent.
d...e, Old Forum, 3/20/2005-3/25/2005

I think the software is better than anything out there.
M., E-mail, 2/24/2005

I have been favorably impressed in using your software and going over your extensive documentation.
G.R., E-mail, 2/10/2005

It is unbelievable how bug free your software is.
n...3, Old Forum, 2/2/2005

Great product! Keep up the good work!
r...w, Old Forum, 12/21/2005

StrataSearch is a powerful, new-generation technical analysis program with immense back testing ramifications.
d...w, Old Forum, 1/19/2005

I am very impressed by the quality of your service.
V.T., E-mail, 12/17/2004

I want to express the appreciation on the excellent customer support with your software.
K.L., E-mail, 10/28/2004

I appreciate the help you have given me thus far and the quick responses I get from you. Keep up the great work!
R.W., E-mail, 10/18/2004

Tech support is excellent.
j...r, Old Forum, 9.26/2004

Excellent new software program ... the support from the company is excellent ... the software includes a wealth of information and online help assistance.
S.M., E-mail, 8/22/2004

Thanks for your help. You guys have always been very responsive.
i...l, Old Forum, 6/23/2004