The world of technical analysis has long been filled with manual labor. From the early days of examining charts, to the current days of manually building and testing individual strategies, technical analysis has always required countless hours of dedicated research. StrataSearch ushers in a new wave of automation, where the power of the personal computer is finally harnessed and put to use. Individual traders can now build some of the best trading systems possible, using a minimum of manual labor.

Prebuilt Trading Rules

StrataSearch includes over 2,500 prebuilt technical analysis trading rules, used to evaluate the strength of stocks, sectors and markets. This large selection of prebuilt trading rules ensures that a virtually limitless supply of powerful, complex systems can be generated without any need for programming. Nevertheless, the rules are configurable, and can be developed as needed by those with specific ideas or requirements.

Sector Evaluation

Providing multiple levels of evaluation, StrataSearch can evaluate a stock's sector in addition to the stock itself. First, internal numbers are automatically created, providing sector indexes, advance/decline numbers and new highs and lows for each and every configured sector. Next, the sector evaluations are included alongside the stock evaluations. For example, a trading strategy can evaluate the Relative Strength of a stock's sector in addition to the stock itself.


Every trader is different, with their own ideas and acceptance of risk. Virtually everything in StrataSearch is customizable, allowing you to personalize it to your needs. For searches, you have complete control over the filters and scoring that identify a good trading system. You can also customize your search to include or exclude trading rules of your choice, or you can build your own trading rules as needed. Such flexibility is available throughout StrataSearch, allowing you to exploit its features as you see fit.

Unprecedented Speed

StrataSearch performs evaluations nearly 100 times faster than most systems currently on the market. Evaluating 10 years of historical price data for 500 stocks, a 2.8Ghz machine can scan over 150,000 potential trading strategies each and every day. That's one evaluation every 1.7 seconds. If you were interested in evaluating just a single stock, StrataSearch can build and evaluate over 4 million potential trading strategies in a single day.

Kudos on a fantastic and exciting piece of software!

- A.R., StrataSearch User

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