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StrataSearch has really helped me find some great trading systems. This is just the type of software traders need to beat the market these days. What a great product.

- M.R., E-mail

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Stock Quote

A stock quote is the presentation of the price at which a share of a publicly traded company can currently be bought or sold. The stock price itself is rarely referred to as a stock quote. Rather, it is the presentation of the price that is referred to as a stock quote.

While stock exchanges themselves can generally present the most timely stock quotes, the exchanges make those prices available to other companies that specialize in the delivery of stock quotes. Those quotes are then distributed to brokerage firms and individual traders for further evaluation and processing.

Stock quotes can come in many forms. For example, at its most timely level, quotes can be provided every time that the stock price changes during the trading day. Since this can happen in a matter of milliseconds, a user may receive thousands of stock quotes throughout the trading day. At the other end of the spectrum, a newspaper or other service may simply provide the day's Closing Price for a company as their single stock quote of the day.

A common method is to present the stock quote in specific time periods, often referred to as bars. For example, a 5-minute bar would present a stock quote of a 5 minute period of time. In addition to the bar?s ending price (Close Price), the stock quote may additionally provide the starting price (Open Price), the highest price reached in that time interval (High Price), and the lowest price reached in that time interval (Low Price).

There are many software programs that evaluate stocks quotes, and analyze a company's performance to identify good opportunities to buy and sell shares of that company. One of the more powerful programs is StrataSearch, which specializes in helping traders build winning trading systems. Traders can then use their winning trading systems to evaluate stock quotes and buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies at a profit.

The internet has made it easy to receive a stock quote for nearly any publicly traded company worldwide. Some of the more popular stock quote services include Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, and Google Finance. Many other services are available, such as and Zack's Investment Research, which offer services such as charting, news stories and commentary.

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