Opening a Detailed Analysis

All detailed analyses are accessed from the Combination Results Listing, so a combination result must be present before a detailed analysis may be created or viewed.  For information on using the Combination Results Listing, see First Level - Combination Results Listing.

When a detailed analysis is available for viewing, you will see a Y in the first column of the Combination Results Listing:

The Y in the first column shows that a detailed analysis has already been run and is available for viewing.  Based on the OneClick Setups, a combination result produced from a OneClick search may create and refresh the detailed analysis automatically.  Searches from other approaches will require you to create a detailed analysis manually when desired. 

To create a detailed analysis manually, right-click on the combination and select Run Detailed Analysis:

The detailed analysis will then be sent to the Processor for processing.  It may take several minutes for it to complete, depending on the size of the Sector, the Evaluation Period, etc.  When the detailed analysis has completed, you should then see the Y in the first column of the Combination Results Listing for that combination result.

To view the detailed analysis, again right-click on the combination, and select View Detailed Analysis:

See Also: Detailed Analysis - General Information