Converting Metastock formula to SS

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Converting Metastock formula to SS

Postby rjay » Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:44 am

I want to try using Darry Guppy's Countback line as a trailing stop in my AutoSearches and managed to find the Metastock code below.

I've never tried to use a MS formula in SS, but for starters I presume that I replace any instance of 'LLV' with 'Low'. And that just looks like commenting in the curly brackets so I should remove that.

I'm not sure what the 3,55,13 refers to in the LowDays line - I'd hardcode LowDays = 10 anyway. Or is that just something to do with positioning the Input box ?

And this would have to be coded as a Custom Formula, right ?

CBL shows a lot of promise although is a bit tighter than I would normally use.

Code: Select all

LowDays := Input("Enter # days to cover last LOW for CBL calc'n:", 3, 55, 13);

If(LOW > LLV(LOW, LowDays), {then ...} PREV, {previous CBLlo, else...} If(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H,-1) AND Ref(H,-2) > H AND Ref(H,-1) > H, {then ...} Ref(H,-2), {2nd day back high,else...} If((Ref(H,-3)> Ref(H,-2) AND Ref(H,-3) > Ref(H,-1) AND Ref(H,-3) > H) AND (Ref(H,-2)> H OR Ref(H,-1) > H), {then ... } Ref(H,-3), {3rd day back high,else...} If((Ref(H,-4)> Ref(H,-3) AND Ref(H,-4) > Ref(H,-2) AND Ref(H,-4) > Ref(H,-1) AND Ref(H,-4) > H) AND (Ref(H,-3)> H OR Ref(H,-2) > H OR Ref(H,-1) > H), {then... } Ref(H,-4), {4th day back high,else...} If((Ref(H,-5)> Ref(H,-4) AND Ref(H,-5) > Ref(H,-3) AND Ref(H,-5) > Ref(H,-2) AND Ref(H,-5) > Ref(H,-1) AND Ref(H,-5) > H) AND (Ref(H,-4)> H OR Ref(H,-3) > H OR Ref(H,-2) > H OR Ref(H,-1) > H), {then ...} Ref(H,-5), {5th day back high,else...} PREV ))))) 
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Re: Converting Metastock formula to SS

Postby Overload » Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:46 am

There's no guarantee that all MetaStock code can convert exactly to StrataSearch, and I'm not an expert on MetaStock code. But I can at least offer some tips.

* The LLV() in MetaStock converts to the Low() in StrataSearch.

* Yes, I'm pretty sure the curly brackets are comments.

* The Input() formula in MetaStock works as a parameter that I think might also contain a high/low range. But in a StrataSearch custom formula, you would use the parameter() formula to identify an input variable.

* MetaStock uses a unique PREV macro to identify the prior bar's value for a variable. It's this function that might be the most difficult to replicate in StrataSearch (or most other technical analysis programs since it is unique to MetaStock). However, StrataSearch contains a $PREV macro that is able to simulate it in many cases.

Apart from the above, MetaStock code and StrataSearch code are pretty similar, so the conversion shouldn't be too difficult.

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