General questions on OC

StrataSearch will find what you tell it to, but what should that be? Will the same criteria work across different Sectors? Different time periods? Here we discuss the ins and outs of OneClick Searches.

General questions on OC

Postby taowave » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:59 pm

Hi Pete,
I am importing various fundamentally screened stocks into SS and creating 3 different sectors.I am then selecting those 3 sectors and running a One click.As I watch the processor,i do see the names of the different sectors flashing,but when I run a detailed analysis and look at trades,it appears that only one of the sectors are being selected.

What actually occurs when one selects multiple sectors in a OC?

Is there a way to identify which sector the stocks are selected from as well as the strategy?

The curent format sort of leaves me in the dark as to what is actually going on..

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Re: General questions on OC

Postby Overload » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:04 am

By including multiple sectors in your OneClick Search, you're saying that you're willing to include those sectors in the search. That doesn't mean that all of your selected sectors will be included in the ending results, only that they will be included in the search. The score ultimately decides which strategies and sectors are included in your resulting system.

By double-clicking on a result in the Combination Results Listing, you can see all of the strategies, and the sectors they were run against. Then, on the Trades tab of the Detailed Analysis, you can also see the Strategy in the right-most column. The Sector isn't displayed in the grid on the Trades tab, but you can double-click on a trade and it will bring up a chart with the Sector pre-selected.

It's true that a lot in a OneClick Search goes on behind the scenes. But in this case, multiple sectors only means opening up those sectors to the search itself. The score determines which sectors ultimately get selected.

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