Multiple instances sharing prices

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Multiple instances sharing prices

Postby Jaded » Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:29 pm

Would it be possible to allow multiple instances of SS to be able to share prices. It seems like it would save a lot of duplication and space when running multiple instances, in almost all cases would want to be using the same prices. This would eliminate the need to run scheduled price imports for every single instance on every single day.
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Re: Multiple instances sharing prices

Postby Overload » Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:47 pm

A shared prices database is something that's been under consideration for some time, but there are issues with doing such a thing. For example, file locking, refreshing after a price update, protecting against errors when one installation deletes a price or symbol or adds a new one, etc. Nevertheless, I agree that it would be nice. So I'll investigate the possibility further.

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