Can you make the Setup Windows Less "modal"

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Can you make the Setup Windows Less "modal"

Postby trader.syoung » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:20 pm

I find that my style of using StraSearch, as I am putting an idea/strategy/system together - is that I am going back and forth between various windows - formula to autosearch to entry/exit string - chart to formula to strategy.

In most cases I have to back out of the window I am in - several layers deep - go thru the menus to my target window - make my change - and find my way back to the first menu (If I can remember how to get there)

Often when writing an entry/exit string - I realize that I really should be reference a formula instead of repeating the code each time.

It would be useful if you could have a number of the entry windows open at the same time; so I could for example, make changes to a custom formula, switch over to an entry/exit string - and try it out immediately,

Similar to Charting - I like to chart the formula I create so I have an idea if they are working- it is possible to have a chart window open and then switch back to custom formulas and make a change - although it appears the chart window doesn't update unless you bring up the edit window for the formula and save it again.

If you can put this on you list, I would appreciate it.
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Re: Can you make the Setup Windows Less "modal"

Postby Overload » Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:08 pm

Thanks for the suggestion, and you're not alone with this request. The original idea was to force setups to always be modal, so that the main StrataSearch window would be more clean. However, as more and more users have been coding their own Strategies and Trading Rules instead of using the defaults available, there has been a greater demand for better editing features. This is on the list for the future.

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