Add logic to prevent multiple identical strategies in OC

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Add logic to prevent multiple identical strategies in OC

Postby Jaded » Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:33 pm

As the title says.. I have come across this several time when creating a OneClick system. It will pick up on one strategy and then use the same exact strategy (100% identical entry and exits) to create a 10-strategy multisystem. So I end up with 10 strategies that are identical and it takes forever to optimize because it just hits the same thing over and over again.

Would it be possible in the next version to do some hash of the entry/exit combined and not use the same rules more than once in a oneclick/multisystem search?
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Re: Add logic to prevent multiple identical strategies in OC

Postby Overload » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:21 am

You're right that there isn't a switch to prevent this, and I have seen it before as well. But optimization shouldn't take any longer unless the trading rules being optimized happen to be slow. In other words, it will optimize at the same speed regardless of whether the same rules are being used in 10 of your strategies or just 1.

As you know, the OneClick Search selects the strategies that comprise the highest score. But, more importantly, it doesn't begin evaluating the score until the maximum number of strategies have already been loaded. So in your case it won't even look at the score until the first 10 strategies have passed the filters and been loaded into the Multi-System.

What often happens is that the first strategy to hit the optimization phase produces a large number of combinations that pass the filters, and those end up filling the early Multi-System. Over time, as more combinations are created and optimized, the majority of those redundant strategies in the Multi-System are replaced. If that does not happen, then it's usually an indication that some of those strategies aren't being used at all. For example, Strategies 1 to 5 might already have you in the market 100% of the time, and Strategies 6 to 10 can be removed altogether.

I do have a couple of suggestions. First, you might try turning off optimization. By turning it off, there will be less chance that you'll have the exact same trading rules showing up in multiple strategies in your Multi-System. And second, you might try periodically double-clicking on your result in the Combination Results Listing and see if you have redundant strategies. If so, you can enter the Multi-System Setups and delete the redundant strategies from your Multi-System. After restarting your OneClick Search, it will then move forward with a unique set of strategies.

In any case, I do see your point, and I'll put this request on the list. One possibility would be to allow optimization of only the original strategy that entered the Multi-System. There are pros and cons to such a feature, but it would at least ensure the diversity you're looking for.

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