How do I use the Portfolio Manager?

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How do I use the Portfolio Manager?

Postby JoeUser » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:24 pm

How do I use the Portfolio Manager?
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Postby Avarin » Thu Feb 23, 2006 3:01 pm

The Portfolio Manager can be found as a tab on the Daily Signals Listing. After installing StrataSearch, the Portfolio Manager is initially empty and some items may look odd because there is no data for it to display.

To begin using the Portfolio Manager, first click the Tabs… button on the Daily Signals Listing. Update the Portfolio Manager item and adjust your Beginning Equity, Start Date, and other settings as needed. Click OK to save your settings.

On the Portfolio Manager tab, you can then use the Enter… button to specify the entry of trades into your portfolio. Once trades have been entered, you can then use the Exit… button to exit the positions. The Cash… button can be used to manage inflows or outflows of cash, or to enter interest amounts. The Shares… button helps identify how many shares should be purchased of a certain security based on your specific Portfolio Size settings.

When trades and other activity has been entered, you can then make alternate View selections in the Portfolio Manager to view different listings, reports and charts.

Note: Activity that has already been entered can be updated or deleted through the Activity Listing view. From that listing, right-click on the item and select Update or Delete from the sub-menu.

You can create as many unique Portfolio Manager tabs as you like. Each can be used to maintain its own unique portfolio.
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