How do I create my own Trading Rules?

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How do I create my own Trading Rules?

Postby JoeUser » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:22 pm

How do I create my own Trading Rules?
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Postby Avarin » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:53 pm

Creating your own Trading Rules is a great way to extend StrataSearch’s capabilities. To create a new trading rule, enter the Setups > AutoSearch Setups menu. If you wish to add the new Trading Rule to a particular AutoSearch, select that AutoSearch and click Update.

Next, identify whether you wish your trading rule to be a Primary or Secondary trading rule, and whether it will be used for entering or exiting positions. Click the Help button for more information if needed. Select the appropriate tab and click the Add button to create the Trading Rule. Add the settings as desired, and click OK to save the new Trading Rule.

The new Trading Rule will now be available to all AutoSearch Setups, but you will still need to set it to be included in the appropriate searches. Double-click on the Always or Random box for the new Trading Rule to add it to the AutoSearch. When Always is selected, the Trading Rule will always be included in the AutoSearch. When Random is selected, the Trading Rule will be included only randomly.

If you wish to have the Trading Rule included in a specific OneClick Search, you should first identify which AutoSearch Setups are used by the OneClick. Enter the OneClick Setups and the AutoSearch setting can be viewed on the General tab. The AutoSearch Setup for Optimization can also be viewed on the Optimization tab. When these 2 AutoSearch Setups are known, you can then enter the AutoSearch Setups for those 2 items and add the Trading Rule as needed by checking the Always or Random boxes as mentioned above.

See Trading Rules in the Help for more information.
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