Beta Version 4.4.903 Released

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Beta Version 4.4.903 Released

Postby Avarin » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:24 pm

The StrataSearch 4.5 Beta release has been very smooth thus far, with all reported issues relating to the installation or the conversion of data from prior StrataSearch versions. No issues have thus far been reported regarding the operation of StrataSearch itself.

A bug was discovered in versions 4.4.900, 4.4.901 and 4.4.902 that prevents the Help > Check for Updates menu from being used to install StrataSearch updates. For this reason, a manual StrataSearch upgrade must be downloaded and run to upgrade these versions to 4.4.903. To check your StrataSearch version, open the Help > About menu within StrataSearch.

The following revisions have been made in this release:

* When copying installations on the Select Data Folder window, a progress bar has been added to monitor the copy. Many users have installations of 5GB or higher in size, and the progress bar should help during copying of those installations. A Cancel button has also been made available.

* A correction has been made to the AutoUpdate feature to allow future program updates to take place through the Help > Check for Updates menu.

* A correction was made to prevent the need for Administrator Rights when copying installations on the Select Data Folders window on some Vista machines. All copying should now be possible without the need to launch StrataSearch as an administrator.

* Correction of "side-by-side configuration is incorrect" error received on some Vista computers. Users running into this error should download and run the full installation, and select the "maintenance" option to upgrade their existing 4.5 installations.

* The redirect.ini file has been added to the installation. Optionally used to relocate the placement of the StrataSearch Data Folders, this file will now exist in the program directory.

* A correction was made to the Data Folder link in the Help > Technical Support menu. Clicking the Data Folder link will now open Windows Explorer directly to the Data Folder currently in use by StrataSearch.

To upgrade your Beta Release, download and install the following:

For more information on the Beta Release, please visit:

Thanks to all of our Beta Testers for your help. Please continue to let us know if you run into any issues.

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