Version 4.1.23 Released

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Version 4.1.23 Released

Postby Avarin » Wed May 20, 2009 12:57 pm

An upgrade to Version 4.1.23 is now available, containing a number of important fixes to the latest release. The following primary changes were made:

* Correction and enhancement to Possible Combinations in OneClick. A problem was found in the calculation of the Possible Combinations on the Dynamic Strategies tab of the OneClick Setup. While this value is for display purposes only and does not directly affect any processing, this correction will make the Possible Combinations value more inline with the actual value. In addition, the number of Sectors being evaluated has also been added to the Possible Calculations value.

* Correct Column sizing on Trades Report, Detail tab. When columns are sized on the Detailed Analysis grids, the columns sizes are stored and will be reopened with the last size used. However, the columns in the Trades Report, Detail tab, had not been storing properly. This has now been corrected.

* Correct program fault when using GTCLimit of 100 or more percent. A bug was discovered that would create a program fault in some cases where a GTCLimit percentage of 100 or more was used. This has now been corrected.

* Correct Combination Results filters for use with Long and Short. A number of filters available when clicking the Custom button on the Combination Results Listing had not been working properly for both Long and Short results. This filtering has now been corrected.

* Correct Clear Database Results filters to match Combination Results. Some filtering on the Clear Database Results menu had not been working properly, and some had not been working the same as the filters on the Combination Results Listing. The Clear Database Results has now been updated to match the filters on the Combination Results Listing.

To install the program update, users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu from within StrataSearch. If any problems are encountered using this method, users may alternately download and run a manual upgrade from:

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