Beta Version 4.0.916 Released

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Beta Version 4.0.916 Released

Postby Avarin » Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:18 pm

For a complete list of enhancements in Version 4.0, please see the following link:

An upgrade to Version 4.0.916 is now available, containing a number of important fixes to the latest release. The following primary changes were made:

*Allow special characters to be import/exported for Custom Formulas. In prior StrataSearch versions, the special characters of ^ and ~ had been replaced with spaces when exporting Custom Formulas. Such characters are sometimes used in index symbols. Because this happened in the export, it is not possible to correct export files that have already been created. However, any future exports will now retain these special characters.

*Correct retry processing when transmitting e-mails. If an error occurred while transmitting e-mails, the retry processing had not been working properly. This has now been corrected.

*Correct fault when running multi-systems from a trial. In some situations for trial users, an error was causing the program to shut down abnormally. This has now been corrected.

*Correct error in backup if a Custom Formula DLL is missing. When running a StrataSearch backup, and error was arising if a Custom Formula referenced a DLL that did not exist in the program directory. This has now been corrected so that the backup will continue normally while still posting a message to the Event Log warning the user of the issue.

*Correct possible lockup when importing prices from Metastock. A lockup had been occurring in special situations when importing prices through a Metastock format. This has now been corrected.

To install the program update, beta users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu from within StrataSearch Version 4.0. If any problems are encountered using this method, users may alternately download and run a manual upgrade from:

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