Beta Version 4.0.910 Released

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Beta Version 4.0.910 Released

Postby Avarin » Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:32 pm

For a complete list of enhancements in Version 4.0, please see the following link:

An upgrade to Version 4.0.910 is now available, containing a number of important fixes to the latest release. The following primary changes were made:

* Correct import/export of Alternate Data Settings in OneClick. When exporting a OneClick Setup with Alternate Data Periods #4 to #10, not all settings were properly being stored in the export file. This has now been corrected.

* Set Clear Results from OneClick Listing to clear reject counts. When clearing results from the OneClick Setup Listing, the Reject Count values on the Strategy Performance tab were not being reset to zero. This has now been corrected.

* Correct entry of Begin and End Dates in OneClick Setup. When attempting to change the Start and End Dates on the General tab of the OneClick Setup, a free-form entry of the date was not being accepted. This has now been corrected.

* Include equities margin leverage in Excursion Charts. The Excursion charts in the Detailed Analysis had not been displaying leverage for equities products. They will now display leverage to match processing of futures and forex trades.

* Correct Trades tab when using partial margin for long trades. The appropriate leverage had not been displaying on the Trades tab of the Detailed Analysis when using partial leverage for long positions. This has now been corrected. Partial leverage is set by turning on margin processing for long positions on the Trade Amounts tab of the Trade Settings, while leaving the "Use Full Leverage With Long Positions" box unchecked.

* Revise stops to properly use partial margin for long trades. Related to the above issue, stops were also not properly reflecting leverage when using partial leverage for equities long positions. This has now been corrected.

* Correct periodic fault when running some automated searches. A periodic program fault had been occurring for some automated searches. This has now been corrected.

* Remove stop formulas from displaying in Chart Calculations. When using the "Create Chart With Calculations" feature, stop formulas had incorrectly been provided as an option. Since stops are not normally allowed as calculations in the charts, these formulas are no longer available for display with this feature.

* Correction to Average Position Maximum Drawdown. The Average Position Maximum Drawdown values in the Detailed Analysis were not properly reflecting leverage for equities products. This has now been corrected.

* Correct line breaks in display of chart calculations. When leaving a trailing line break in a calculation formula in the charts, the daily values were not displaying properly when dragging the mouse and viewing the popup data. This has now been corrected.

To install the program update, beta users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu from within StrataSearch Version 4.0. If any problems are encountered using this method, users may alternately download and run a manual upgrade from:

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