Version 3.2.13 Released

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Version 3.2.13 Released

Postby Avarin » Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:05 pm

An upgrade to Version 3.2.13 is now available, containing a number of important fixes to the latest release. The following primary changes were made:

* Fix carry-forward of sector prices when data is missing. In very rare cases, a system may reference an alternate sector's index data. If it happened that the alternate sector's prices had been missing for a day (due to a holiday or any other reason), the prior day's prices were not being properly carried forward. This could result in missed signals or held signals disappearing from the Signals Listing. This has now been corrected.

* Correct scoring algorithm to properly weight value directions. A problem was found in the OneClick Scoring algorithms, where Best=High performance values were not being weighted equally against Best=Low performance values, in some cases. To allow for backward compatibility, this correction is being implemented on a switch. All existing OneClick Searches will still reference the old algorithm by default. All new searches will be configured to use the new algorithm. The switch is maintained on the bottom of the Strategy Performance tab of each OneClick Setup. Thus, users can manually convert their existing searches over to the new algorithm by unchecking the "Use Old Scoring Algorithms" box. Note: The old scoring algorithm will be supported only through the remainder of StrataSearch Version 3.0. Version 4.0 will offer only the new algorithm.

* Correct save of delimiter on scheduled ASCII price imports. When creating a scheduled price import for ASCII files, StrataSearch was not properly saving the tab delimiter option. This has now been corrected.

To install the program update, users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu from within StrataSearch. If any problems are encountered using this method, users may alternately download and run a manual upgrade from:

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