Version 4.5.20 Released

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Version 4.5.20 Released

Postby Avarin » Wed May 02, 2012 1:01 pm

An upgrade to Version 4.5.20 is now available, containing a number of important fixes and enhancements to the latest release. The following primary changes were made:

* Fix to TeleChart Prices to prevent memory overflows in Screener. A small handful of symbols imported from TeleChart have prices going much further back historically than the other symbols. This had been causing a memory overflow within the Screener. This has now been fixed.

* Correct Yahoo Import to verify Invalid Prices on Current Day. When importing Yahoo Finance prices using the "Import Current Prices" box, the current prices were sometimes not being checked for Invalid Prices. While not a problem for back testing, this invalid data could sometimes affect the Daily Signals. In particular, the sector indexes would sometimes be skewed by the invalid data and create Signals that would then differ on the following day after the price validation ultimately excluded those invalid prices. This has now been fixed.

* Revise period() formula to not refresh on final day of data. When using the period() formula, the final day had been posting the data up to that point. So, for example, when creating monthly data with the period() formula, if the final day of data happened to be April 10th, StrataSearch would tally the data and show April's data for the month thus far on the 10th. This was causing problems in the Daily Signals, since that last day of data is technically incomplete. The use of the period() formula has therefore been revised to only display the data up to that point if that final day also happens to be the final day in the period.

* Correct memory leak when running symbol() within Custom Formula. A memory leak was found when using the symbol() formula within Custom Formulas. This has now been fixed.

* Update delete of OneClick to additionally delete Multi-System. Previously, deleting a OneClick Setup was leaving the associated Multi-System and its results in place, meaning two steps were required to delete a complete OneClick Setup. This has now been updated. When deleting a OneClick Setup, the associated Multi-System and its results will now also be deleted.

To install the program update, users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu from within StrataSearch. If any problems are encountered using this method, users may alternately download and run a manual upgrade from:

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