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StrataSearch 4.5 Features

  • Fully Automated Search
  • Completely Customizable
  • Over 2,500 Trading Rules
  • Custom Formula Creation
  • Sector and Market Analysis
  • Integrated Optimization
  • Walk-Forward Analysis
  • Parameter Shift Testing
  • Multi-System
  • Multi-Product
  • Portfolio-Based
  • Powerful Charting
  • Stock and Sector Screening
  • Much, Much More!

What is StrataSearch? StrataSearch is software for developing personalized trading systems. Using an automated search, users define the characteristics they'd like to see in a trading system, and let StrataSearch explore trillions of formula combinations in search of such systems. In addition, StrataSearch offers manual strategy development, Charts, Stock Screening, a Portfolio Manager, and many additional features.

How Does StrataSearch Work? Using thousands of pre-programmed trading rules, StrataSearch creates and tests an endless number of combinations in its search for winning systems. Users have a great deal of control over the search, filtering the database of trading rules, and creating customized verification of results with out-of-sample tests, Monte Carlo simulations, parameter shift evaluations, and hundreds of performance statistics.

How Do I Get Started? StrataSearch can be purchased with a monthly subscription, allowing you to explore its many features without making a large financial investment. But before starting your subscription, feel free to browse the StrataSearch website, including the Interactive Demo and the Online Help. And if you have any questions, please contact us at support@stratasearch.com. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Interactive Demo


... easy and straight-forward to access and navigate.

... the quintessential trading strategy analysis tool.

- David Penn,
Stocks and Commodities

Stocks and Commodities
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"I've been pushing the system to its limits in the last few days and I am absolutely amazed at what it can do."

- K.D., E-mail, 3/19/2008

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Desktop Stock Ticker
If you're interested in tracking your stocks during the day, try out our Scrolling Desktop Stock Ticker. Whether you're a StrataSearch user or not, you might find this tool both helpful and fun!

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